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Year 5 get creative in clay workshop!

This week in year 5, we have taken part in a two hour clay workshop.

Here is what Jacky wrote to tell us more:

Earlier in the term, we read Selina’s story and learned that her Grandparents had to leave their country because of the Nazis during World War Two.

Next, last Friday we drew a plan of what things from the story we wanted to make out of clay.  It was difficult but we managed to get through.  The hard job was exhausting- I wanted to get some sleep!

This week, we walked silently to the art room and checked our utensils but unfortunately some of us didn’t have all the utensils so we shared.  We went and put some aprons on to not get dirty.  I forgot to mention that the apron was horribly uncomfortable.

After that, we practiced some new things that I never knew about clay.  We made a clay bowl and dipped some water into the bowl because we were going to use it as glue to help us stick the clay.  I learned so much.

Finally, since we practised on the bowl, we learned to handle the clay.  I mostly spent my time on the train that Selina’s Grandmother went on when she went to work for the Nazis and for my second work I made Selina’s grandmother buying a comb.

Fabulous writing Jacki!