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17th September: Working as Historians – an update

Over the summer, artist Emma Skeet completed work on the two tapestries that were made with the children and their families at the end of the summer term.  She brought the completed pieces to school on 5th September and they now hang at either end of our school hall.  They look absolutely stunning.  Peace articulates the values the children thought the soldiers fought for, surrounded by a stunning array of hand-crafted poppies created by the children.  Swan  remembers their sacrifice of the men in the form of a regimental cap badge.  Thanks again to the Red Cross for donating the materials.

The children worked amazingly hard through the summer term to get their project work completed.  The database of ‘our lads’ has been finalised,  the statements for the WW1 time line completed, and the social history projects all brought to a successful conclusion.  As the school starts the Autumn term Working as Scientists we have recruited 22 young historians from Y4, 5 and 6 to work with Mr Swan, Miss Lewis, Mr Wickens and Mr Hubery to get all this content on the website ready for its launch in November to coincide with the city’s Remembrance Day celebrations.  The 6 after-school sessions start this Monday.