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25th September – Working as Historians club meets for the second time

To get the content onto the project website we have set up an after-school club.  We have recruited 20 young historians to get the job done by half term! Tonight our budding young historians met for the second time as they pushed forward on the work for the project website.  We have 4 groups working on different tasks.  Year 6 are creating the timeline of key events in WW1.  Year 4 are working on two tasks.  One group is creating a casualty map of the local area, showing precisely where ‘our lads’ lived. The other group is adding ‘our lads’ to the timeline.  Year 3 have perhaps the hardest task of all uploading entries from the school log book onto the timeline.  Be in no doubt that this is hard historical working but spirits are high!  Enjoy the gallery.