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Finchley’s Bollywood Workshop

Monday 11th March 2019


Today in Finchley class, we have been learning a Bollywood dance with Tina. She taught us different moves to make a routine which we will be performing for the showcase on March 27th.

We learnt 3 types of dance: classical Indian, contemporary and Bhangra. We found out that Bollywood dance is like sign language because the actions match the words in the song.

When we were dancing we dressed up in saris and waist coats. We also wore bells on our right foot because we must lead with the right side of our body. The boys had silk squares which they tied around their finger, to wave around in the air when dancing.

We really enjoyed the dancing because there were lots of actions and movements which we got great at! We also loved recording the performance and watching it back.

Can’t wait for you all to see it soon!


Finchley class :