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Finchley’s trip to Norwich market

Wednesday 29th January 2020 – shared write

First, we put on our hi-vis jackets to stay safe (Hannah). Then we got into our groups and got ready for the walk (Ameliah).

On our walk to the market, it was quite loud because the whole of year 3 were there. Lillie and I played eye spy (Ashley).

We arrived at the market and separated into four groups (Tash). We then walked around the market, which felt like a maze. We bought different fruits and vegetables (Eden and Adriana). We walked through different isles, bought spices and saw lots of different items (Isabelle). We were amazed by all the tapestry (Charlie-May).

The market smelt really lovely (Aiden and Matilda). We smelt fish and chips, flowers, hot dogs and burgers (Olivia, Lillie, Charlie-May).

I saw a chain of elephants with a bell on the bottom (Daisy). I saw a fabric store and they had flowers and stars on them (Rose). I saw lots of watches (Ella).

At the top of the market, I saw a stall that had metal hanging which made sounds (Jacob). Inside the crystal stall there was lots of Jade and dream catchers (Connor and Adriana).

We also saw a makeup stand with lots of foundation, eyeliner and eye shadow (Eden).

In the market, I saw lots of sunglasses (Jezley). I saw air pods (David). I saw a number plate that said Liverpool on it, but it was spelt in numbers! (Toby). When we got to the back of the stall, we saw a snipper rifle and a mini gun (Tommy).

On the way back to school, it was a long journey and we were all tired and cold. But we made it back and had a great time! (Hannah and Tash).