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First week back!

This week we have been looking at our new topic, we have been learning about what it means to be a historian. We looked at toys that children would have got for Christmas over the last 100 years and tried to work out which were the oldest and which were the newest. We used skills of analysis and interpretation of the photos to make our decision and we didn’t all agree all the time.

We read our song from the come yew in song book which is called ‘Saftey and Shelter’. It is about people who have had to leave the place that they live and go somewhere new. We looked at evacuees and how this happened to children during the war. We watched a clip of ‘The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe’ and then made scenes in the sand to show what might happen when people have to leave their families.

We also looked at some refugee stories and thought about how it must feel to leave your family and arrive in a new place. We then created our own dramas to tell a story of someone who had to leave their family.

We then made sound effects and music to reflect the things that were happening and the emotions that people were feeling in the other groups drama.

In Thrive we thought about laws and rules. We created our own countries and thought about what they would be like. We then came up with laws for our countries. It was quite tricky to make the laws and we had to think about lots of peoples ideas and different points of view.

Forest schools was great fun this week. We made dens from massive sticks and spent ages digging big holes. We had a lovely treat at the end and enjoyed hot chocolate all together.

LE: we made up our own countries – Jigeria shakey shakey shakey and Megaland. We made rules for our own countries such as No hard sweets, we made this rule because we were worried that people might choke. Another rule was that you are only allowed electric cars.

JB: I enjoyed making the countries as well, I thought that making laws was really hard.

ZW: I enjoyed the acting with others. It was about world war 2 and people were leaving their countries.

IG: I enjoyed the drama too. I liked that we helped the other team because we gave them music and sound effects.

ZW: We went in the forest schools area and we made dens and then after that we talked about what we enjoyed and then we had hot chocolate at the end.

LE: I enjoyed helping Mrs Martin make the hot chocolate.

DN: we made hot water and made hot chocolate.