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Romance Walk Year 4

This morning, Nelson and Armes classes went for a very long walk around Historic Norwich – 7km! We had Eye Spy sheets to help us to spot historic buildings and hidden items. Our first stop was Strangers Hall, on St Benedicts Street – we saw the typically Tudor brickwork and timber framed windows. These photos were taken at important and relevant historic spots along the route. One shows what is left of a large Tudor house, we observed the beautiful archway and the jettying above. It also has an extensive undercroft, the Tudor term for cellar, which lies underneath the street. The Guildhall in the centre of Norwich which is where important decisions were made and laws passed. One of the photos shows the Brittons Arms, which was the only Tudor building to survive the Great Fire of Norwich in 1507. The roof was originally thatched using reeds from the Norfolk Broads.

We also located the Maids Head Hotel, which was built over 1000 years ago in 1090. We could identify the tiny panes of glass framed by timber above the jettying as a classic architectural Tudor feature. We imagined who may have stayed here all that time ago. This ancient building is located in Tombland, which means ‘open space’.

We also found out that at this time, Norwich was one of the largest cities in England with 6000 inhabitants. It still has the largest collection of Tudor housing in the country, even more than London!

The cobbles were a bit higgledy piggledy, and we imagined the horses and carts of Tudor Norwich clip-clopping down Elm Hill.

We had very interesting look around the Cathedral, which took 50 years to build, we wondered how they did it! The original roof was made of timber, but was replaced with a more modern stone version 400 years ago. We are very excited to learn more about the History of Norwich through the ages.