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Wednesday 27th February – Y4 visit the Bridewell Museum and Elm Hill

Today the whole of Year 4 went to the Bridewell Museum and Elm Hill in Norwich.  We did this because our project is all about The Strangers.  We brought along our sketchbooks to draw things that The Strangers used and Tudor houses, and also to write notes and record our research.  This is called carrying out research.

We walked through the city to the museum. It took us half an hour to get there.  In the first section of the museum we found a golden fleece. The fleece was made of metal and painted golden. It was hung up outside shops in the 16th Century.

In the next room we found out what happened in the market. We saw a picture of some gallows which are wooden structures where criminals were hanged.

Keegan:  “I saw tools that The Strangers used to pull out teeth!”

Rosemary: “In one of the rooms we found a few enormous, old maps that were of Britain from a long time ago.”

Arti: “There was this really old coin which was tiny.”

Kye: “I learned that there was a woman that went to prison seven times in six years because she after each time she was released she kept doing more naughty things!”

Gracie: “In one room we saw prison food. It was bread and butter. This was because it used to be a prison.”

After the museum we went to Elm Hill and drew pictures of Tudor houses.   You can recognise a Tudor house because the black beams are wonky and the windows have tiny glass panes.

We hope you enjoy the gallery.