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Year 4 Working as Historians in the children’s words

Over the past 2 weeks, we have been learning about different periods of time, from the big bang to the current day. We were surprised to learn that the big bang was before the dinosaurs, and created everything. When we made a timeline from the big bang til now, it was really long, and there were loads of bits of history we had no idea about! And we learnt that lots of different people came to Norwich – the Normans, the Saxons, the Romans.

We read a poem called Stranger Danger to practice our oracy skills. Oracy is when you speak clearly so other people can understand and hear you. You need a good pace – not too slow and not too fast. We had to speak fluently, which is when you are confident and accurate in your reading. Stranger Danger is all about welcoming Strangers to Norwich, and tells us about Strangers in Tudor times.

We’ve been learning about King Henry VIII, because he was a king in Tudor times. He made the Church of England, and was fat and ate lots of food. He had 6 wives, which he divorced or executed because he wanted a boy so he could be his heir.

We had a visit from a historian. She told us about how historians research and answer questions. She used books and internet to find out about the past. It was really interesting.