Year 3 Blog

January 8th:  Drake class have been outside putting their measuring skills to good use. They have been working in pairs to find the measurements of different objects around the outside space and then recording their findings. Below are a selection of photos detailing their work.

Freya and Cinni measure the drain cover. Is it  over 20cm?



Alan and Freya measure the height of the cone.



Finley measuring with precision.

January 8th:  Last session on letter writing.  The children of Drake and Stark class have produced some beautiful handwritten letters, most of which have been done in the new handwriting pens. Darcy in Stark Class, using her pen for the first time said, “This new pen makes me feel like the best writer in the world!”.  The Year 3 team will now start to prepare the letters for publication and dispatch. Click the link below to preview Drake class’ book.

Drake Class – The Gardener – 2016 – Final Copy

January 7th:  Posed with the question: “How can we grow our own fruit and veg?” Drake class threw themselves into a ‘graffiti discussion, recording they own questions and answering each others.  Click the link below to see Mr Whalen’s brilliant time lapse video, and well done Finley for the scientific drawing on how to plant a flower.

IMG_5145 (1)
Finley’s drawing of the 4 stages of successful planting.


January 5th:  Welcome back and a happy new year from Drake and Stark Class.  This week in English / Topic lessons we will be writing final drafts of our letters to send to Sarah Stewart in America. She is the author of The Gardener, the book we were studying before Christmas.  Writing as Lydia Grace Finch, the young girl in the story who leaves home to live with her uncle in the city, the children have written letters home to Mama, Papa and Grandma about great plans to turn a disused roof terrace into a beautiful garden to ‘make Uncle Jim smile!’ In November Mr Hubery contacted the author to see if she would be prepared to receive copies of the children’s letters.  She replied the next day to say she’d be delighted.  We’ll let you know what happens!

Thursday 17th December: We are moving on from fractions to look at measurement so Stark class went outside and collected sticks to put our knowledge and skills to the test.  We are quite secure with centimeters, but need to do a little more work on millimeters.  Something for the new year!

 DSCN1765 - Copy DSCN1764  DSCN1759

Wednesday 16th December:  Well done Drake and Stark class for your superb contribution to the school Christmas performance today. You all sang beautifully and Toby and Freya read with real clarity.  I loved the actions for It was on a Starry Night!

 year 3 concert crop  year 3 concert croop 2


Monday 7th December:  Ruth Cooper, nutritionist from Joy of Food, visited Year 3 this afternoon to help the children interpret the data from their food diaries.  She discussed with them the importance of balance in our diets and that all food groups need to be represented, but in different amounts.  Ruth answered questions from the children.  I’ll upload some photographs from the session tomorrow.





Friday 4th December: Empty Classroom Day (again!):  Stark class were back out today following-up the fractions work from last week.  It was a perfect early December morning – sunny but with a nip in the air – ideal for getting some serious maths done out in the fresh air.

DSCN1635 DSCN1620 DSCN1614

Wednesday 2nd December: Getting ready for the Christmas Fayre.  Shortbread and Christmas Cards. Sounds simple enough, but first a huge thank you to Mr Whalen to organising the logistics of getting 56 children through the cookery room in one day and guaranteeing the production of enough high quality cards to sell.  No mean feat!  Each child baked, made and crafted today and to a very high quality indeed.  Everyone is really excited about our stall on Friday night.

DSCN1598 DSCN1583 DSCN1585

Monday 30th November: Diaries into data!  Between 16th and 23rd November the children of Drake and Stark have been keeping personal food diaries – recording everything they have eaten and drunk.  Since then they have been carefully translating the diary entries into labelled illustrations on post-it notes. These were then used to create huge class displays.  This week this visual information has been turned into statistical data and put into graphs and charts. On Monday we have a nutritionist coming into help the children interpret the data.  We’ll report back.


Friday 27th November: Empty Classroom Day and more Guerrilla Gardening.









guerrilla gardening








Wednesday 18th November:  It was a beautiful mid-November morning. Stark class got wrapped up, gathered their trowels, planting sticks, and bulbs and headed off to the front of school to plant daffodils.  Come Easter, parents, children and visitors to the school will be greeted with a sea of gold as 170 flowers bloom.  That’s the plan, anyway.  This work is part of Guerrilla Gardening our project to beautifying the school grounds.  Look out for other areas of planting!  The project has been supported by The Friends.