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Holt Hall Day 1 (in the children’s words)

We arrived safely at Holt Hall this morning. After we had unloaded, and gone through the safety rules, we found our rooms (Swifts, Swallows, Woodpeckers and Kingfishers )and made our beds. Our rooms are really big and we love them! There is also lounge with exciting games in, and a library, as well as an indoor fire which we love to read around.

Then, we went outside and had a playtime on the wooden play equipment and the grass. For lunch we had sandwiches, a pizza swirl and a cupcake. The food was delicious!

In the afternoon, we went into the nearby forest to played a few games. We had to guide our partners to a tree, but they had to have their eyes shut and remember the feel of the tree so they could guess which tree it was. Then we went into a different part of the forest and built some dens.

Now we are waiting for tea, and getting ready for a movie night. At this moment, “G Force” is winning! We are all really excited for the upcoming days, but we are also really tired.