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Holt Hall day 2 by Lexie and Bella

At Holt Hall this morning we did orienteering. That means we looked at maps, analysed them, and found posts which were hidden near the play area. It was kind of hard, because we couldn’t actually find them until we looked at the map properly.

After break, we went on a big walk and we had to fill up a bamboo stick with leaves and stuff to make art patterns. Then we installed them near the bank of the lake.

We had jacket potatoes for lunch, with many kinds of toppings. Then after we had finished, we went in the minibus to West Runton beach. We looked at rock pools to see if we could find any shells, fossils and creatures. We found crabs, anenomes and lots of interesting rocks, and some of us got our boots full of slimy water. It was cold, windy and a couple of us fell over! We went back and we had a fire with hot chocolate, then we did some art with clay.

For tea we had pasta bolognaise. It was delicious.

We’ve had an amazing time here at Holt Hall.