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Wednesday 12th December – Armes and Maple class visit the Buddhist Centre

This week, Year 4 have been learning all about Buddhism as part of our Religions of the World week.  The children started the week by carrying out research in class. On Tuesday, Jala’s mum and dad lead a Q&A with the year group, and today, Armes and Maple class walked to the Buddhist Centre in Norwich to find out more.

We learned that Buddha had been trained as a warrior, but during a visit to the local market he saw a sick man, an old man, a dead man and a monk. He decided to stop being a warrior and become a monk.  He cut his hair, gave away all his belongings and decided to live a simple, happy life.  He meditated for two days and his mind expanded and he started to see the meaning of life. He was named Buddha because it means ‘the awakened one’.

Evie said:  We had a very fun morning learning all about the life and teachings of Buddha. We meditated for two minutes and after this time memories came back to me and it was really calm and relaxing.  We also looked at the ‘snow globe’ which our Buddhist guide explained showed all his thoughts gradually settling.  We also looked at different images of Buddha from countries around the world.

What some of our children said about the trip:

Stanley:  “One of my best days ever; very calming.”

Magnus:  “Very relaxing; it gave me time to think about what I feel.”

Jake:  “The centre was small, but relaxing.”

Vilte:  “I enjoyed meditating; I remembered things.”

Jala: “I learned about the sounds a singing bowl makes, and I found the meditating relaxing.”

Althea:  “I learned that there are different types of Buddhist.”

Archie:  “Today I learned that Buddha’s parents tried to protect him from the world.”

Lilly-Jane:  “At the Buddhist Centre I noticed that meditation is calming.”

Evie:  “There were different types of statues because Buddha is imagined in different ways around the world.”