Year 5 We are scientists

Project brief

To reduce waste by achieving high levels of reuse and recycling across the school site.

Norwich 2040 City Vision - a liveable city

To find our more about the Norwich 2040 City Vision please click here

Project overview

What a waste! During the main teaching phase (what we call Precision) we have explored every aspect of our school's waste carrying out audits of what we produce and in what quantities.  We have collected and sorted food waste; interviewed a master composter to find out what we need to know to recycle the food waste we produce, and carried out experiments into how we can speed up rates of decomposition. We have found out all about paper and card and why it is so widely recycled.  We have also learned about the importance of repairing, reusing and upcycling, and the challenges of going zero waste.  The project phase (which we call Generalisation) saw us pursue a range of initiatives, investigations and projects as we sought to find solutions to the issues raised by the project brief.  Browse the links below to find out more.

How we have responded to the brief - Yeti Class

We hope that you enjoy watching our journey through our projects.  May we suggest that you watch them in the order below to get the most out of our hard work.  Much love, Jo and Yeti

Wensum News Part 1

Yeti Class have been researching, formulating questions, finding answers, and analysing data from their chosen driving question and here is part one of the journey through their critical thinking and questioning. Over to you Jack...

Wensum News Part 2

The investigations continue with the upcycling team and an insight into Jack and Harvey's Eco school pledge. Enjoy!

Jack and Harvey's Eco Pledge

Jack and Harvey researched how to bring Eco school status to Wensum. The boys gathered their information on the Eco programme, sent an email to staff to question their views and got to work on writing a script and setting locations for a short film explaining Wensum's achievements and hopes for the future. Brilliant job, boys!

Yeti class project statements

Additional content from Yeti class

Wensum to go paperless for a day

Chloe felt strongly about the need for a paperless day across the school. She planned her own audit of paper waste across year 5 and presented her results in three ways! She wrote her findings, recorded her findings with camera girl, Lornia and here she has pulled all her information together in this well written report! Great work Chloe!


A large team of expert composters have worked hard to inform the school of effective composting. Aron, Cailum, Arthur, Lornia, Jordan and Charlie began with the question 'Does size affect the decomposing process?' and they observed food over a period of time. After setting up their own compost from researching quality green and brown matter, they completed their investigation with this detailed report and posters which can be found on the school compost bins. Great teamwork!


At the beginning of the project, Year 5 explored materials by breaking large electrical equipment down to their primary components. Kacper, Ethan and Kobi took inspiration from a local upcycling artist and created their very own futuristic cityscapes which can be found in Wensum News part 2! Here is a look at how their ideas developed.

How we have responded to the brief - Pixie class

We are scientists - Pixie class introduction

Take a look at the PowerPoint presentation attached to find out all about the projects undertaken by the children in Pixie class.

We are scientists - Pixie class movie

Can we reduce the impact of plastic waste on sea creatures?  Watch the short film by Morgan, Lauren and Lily to find out what they found out.

We are scientists - Jamie and Krzys (part 1)

Can we reduce the environmental impact of cleaning sprays?  Watch this short report by Jamie, Krzys, Kaja and Dexter to find out.

We are scientists - Jamie and Krzys (part 2)


Testing cleaning sprays part 2


Testing cleaning spray part 3

We are scientists - Elspeth and Kody (part 1)

What are the alternatives to plastic packaging?  Watch this science report from Elspeth and Kody to find out more.

We are scientists - Megan and Ford

How can we inspire others to reduce their plastic waste?  Megan and Ford investigated.  Find out more by watching their short science report.

We are scientists - Digby, Taleni and Vinnie

How can we reduce the amount of plastic waste from fashion?  Watch to short report from young scientists Digby, Taleni and Vinnie to see what they say on the matter.

We are scientists - Taleni


Additional content from Pixie class

We are scientists - Lauren, Morgan and Lily


We are scientists - Charlie and Archie

Can we reduce the amount of plastic waste in packed lunches?  Archie and Charlie investigated and this is what they found out.