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Friday 13th: Year 3 Romance Days for Working as Scientists

Our Romance days!  

Firstly, we went to an assembly and Dr DNA was there (Ameliah). Dr DNA made special paper disappear by lighting it on fire (Eden). She also made some yucky, grotty cake with troll’s bogies, witches tears and unicorn poop (Olivia). 

We then came back to class and conducted an experiment. We tested how many water droplets could fit on a penny (Adriana). We made predictions and then recorded our results.  

We tried on a science coat and goggles (Hannah). 

We used lots of different crafts to make a picture of our bodies (Jonathan). I enjoyed drawing around people and drawing the different organs (Toby). I liked drawing all the blood and bones (Jezley).  

We rubbed balloons on our heads to charge them, so they moved coke cans (Ashley). 

Amanda from Kinetic Science came and showed us a real pig’s heart, lungs and liver (Isabelle). I loved looking at the pigs parts! (Connor). I thought it was gross! (Matilda).  

The pig was very healthy, so its organs were pink (Charlie-May) 

The pig had different sized lungs (Ella) so there is space for the heart to fit (Tommy). 

We felt the organs and the liver felt rubbery (Jacob). The heart felt heavy and cold (Adriana and James)  

It looked quite gross and made me feel faint (Ameliah 

We made a fact poster and I found that our ribs protect our lungs (David). I enjoyed finding out all the facts (Rose).  

I want to find out more about the heart (Daniel). I want to find out about toothpaste and how it looks after my teeth (Daisy). I want to learn more about my bones (Naomi). I want to learn more about the lungs (Jonathan).