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Our first day at the Science Festival!

We have had a fantastic first day of our Science Festival, presenting our work and watching presentations.

How we felt when presenting:

I felt excited – Xena

I was nervous at first, but when I did it the second time I was like ‘I’ve got this’. –Eva

I was a bit worried at first but in the end it was really good – Leo

I was really excited at first but then at the end I felt so tired and then I felt extremely excited – Amani

We were so brave! – Olivia

I was so focused – Matilda

We heard lots of important information – Hannah

I liked the one in Heigham about Earth and Space because it was really interesting – Matilda

We created a bank of words to describe our day:

Focused     Reaction            Science

Exciting    WOW!       Energy

Important                  Brave        Experiments

Mixing       Scared      Shocked            Information

Chemicals          Happy        Bursting Creative