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Our Wild Walk

Tuesday 29th October 2019

Today we looked at ‘On a Magical Do-Nothing Day’ for the first time. Before we read the book we looked at the front cover and thought about what it reminded us of, who the characters may be and what the story is going to be about etc. We then read the book and decided to go on a ‘wild walk’ of our own. We climbed trees, rolled down the hills, crunched the leaves, ran our fingers through the grass and much much more. Whilst we were outside, we thought about our senses and created a word bank as we went on our adventure.

Word bank:

Breeze, bark, climbing, red, orange, green, shiny, smooth, rough, bumpy, patterns, slimy, jumping, monkey, swinging, flowers, pretty, adventurous, journey, exciting, smiling, happy, fresh, rolling, silver, hairy, amazing, crunchy, woodland, spiky, playful, soft, squealing, laughing, roots, rolling, wet, upside down, fun, puzzled, hanging, dizzy, strong.