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We are meteorologists.

We learned that clouds are made out of tiny little water drops (JB).

We learnt that if you get hit by lightning you would probably die as it is really powerful, fast electricity. (LE)

We learnt that when it is raining we get thunder storms. (DN)

To get struck by lightning is really bad luck. You are more likely to hurt yourself on the toilet or win an oscar. (JG)

Evaporation is what happens when the water goes up into the clouds (IG)

Some water goes up, then a big cloud forms. It takes 1 million little water drops to make one rain drop. The rain falls and the water goes down the mountains or into the mud and back to the sea. It all then starts again. (JG)

We went on a trip this week to the Cathedral herb garden. We were choosing plants for our own sensory garden that we are making in school. We went on the bus.

We saw lots of nice colorful herbs and they smelt really nice. (JG)

I really liked the curry plant and the lemon ones. They were really nice, I would like to plant them both in our herb garden at school. (LE)

Also this week we made Christmas cards that will be printed and families will be able to buy them to send to their friends and family.

We made little dots using our fingers in paint and we were painting. (DN)

We also had lots of fun making happy memory scenes in shaving foam.