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Year 5 Science Trip to the National Space Centre

On 26th September 2017, we went to the National Space Centre in Leicester. The children split into groups to explore exhibits about planets, space, rockets and the stars.The children watched a show in the Planetarium before heading home. Here are what some of the students thought: (More to come)


I enjoyed seeing all the old stuff from old days, how its changed since 1942 and also getting to control everything in the space centre. It was really fun seeing what the world was like, this back then.- Alan


On our trip, we really enjoyed the weather pod. The girls and the boys did funny weather reports, and we liked the humongous space rocket named “Thor”! We learned that ,if we found a big enough bath tub or container with water inside, Saturn could float in it!- Jack and Florrie.

We climbed giant rocket with 125 stairs. We learnt that you spend half of your life training for going to space and 12 months in space. You would first train underwater for days. – Freya L and Izzy W

We learnt that you have to exercise in space for 2 ½ hours a day and liquids float in bubbles. -Pepper

I learnt that ,in 1969,Russia sent a dog into space to beat the Americans and it died several hours later.- Isabella B

I enjoyed looking at the massive rockets in the rocket tower. – Lola