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Friday 5th May – Norfolk Regiment, basic training and project launch at St Barnabas

Day two of the ‘recruitment event’ started with a presentation on the Norfolk Regiment by Sgt. Storey, followed by more basic training. Today this included a session where children learned about (and the bravest even tasted) ‘Tommy Stew’, a lesson on the British Empire in 1907, trench building and grenade throwing, marching, saluting and more Swedish Drill. In rifle drill children perfected their ‘battle screams’ as they fixed bayonets and charged!

In the afternoon we all made our way down to St Barnabas Church for the project launch. We were joined by families who can along to find out all about our project. The church was absolutely packed; standing room only, which was wonderful to see. Rev. Edward Land welcomed us all before Mr Hubery and Sgt, Storey spoke about the upcoming project. Families were then able to see form themselves the roll of honour that will be the focus of the project.

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Enjoy the gallery.