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20th January

In Stark class this afternoon we have been making card nets.  As we will be making full size SFG planters to grow our fruit and veg we need to start acting like designers, so we made scale card nets of 3D shapes.  Nothing short of precision was accepted, but the results are great.  Next step is a 1/10 scale planter made with strip pine and then the real thing!

We also checked in on our cress.  Not much happening except in the small wooden planter. Are discussing why this might be, Jake suggested it might be because the seeds were sown under a layer of soil. A good suggestion.  We’ll have to see how the test develops.

English – The Curious Garden

These are some of the sentences Year 3 have been writing today using powerful adverbial openers!

While I was walking along the old train track, I gasped at the droopy, dying flowers.  I felt happy because one season they are rising and the next they are dropping.  Florrie

While I was exploring the abandoned windmill, I found ten packets of dusty, old seeds.  Toby

While I was playing with my friend on the swing, I saw an old lady walking past with a flower.  Brooke

When I was walking to my friends house, I saw a tiny, poisonous spider in his garden.  Euron

When I came to the top flat, I could see thousands of flowers on red and white, colourful, beautiful roofs.  Elsie

While I was exploring the abandoned windmill, I discovered two interesting things a rainbow flower with every petal a different colour of the rainbow and some seeds that were all different sizes and colours.  Ella