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26th February

We have life!  Two days after we planted our vegetable seeds and one day after a lesson on germination look what we spotted!  The photograph is not very clear because we have to get really close up, but you can see a tiny root pushing through a cabbage seed.  Amazing.  We have obviously created the right conditions and the seed that decided it is time to get going.  I wonder what Monday morning will bring?

Story mapping.  using work by Stark Star of the Week Malachi as an inspiration Stark class finalised their story maps in preparation for writing their own stories next week. They have been organising their story ideas into 5 stages: opening, build-up, problem, resolution and ending.

Looking after the new seedlings.   Having planted the vegetable seeds on Wednesday we need to now look after them by watering them every day.  We will share this important job between us.