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29th January – Drake Class reflection on our learning!

At the end of a busy week Drake class have been thinking about what we have learnt and enjoyed this week!!

Things that have been amazing!
Having our families in to learn about maths and how we solve word problems. This was amazing because it was challenging but we found it fun! (Rachel and Freya B)
Making our story maps has been amazing because we got to use our ideas and have some time to make sure that our work was perfect! (Maddie)
This week has been amazing because lots of children in our class have been doing well with their spellings!! (Jack)
Making our Square Inch Garden boxes was amazing because we got to use saws, glue guns and we got to create the end product on our in own in pairs. (Isabella, Ben, Freya B, Freya L)

Things that we want to get better at next week…
Next week we would really like to try and get better at having less orange and red cards in Drake class. (Ashton)
We want to try and complete our work quickly and in the given time. (Freya L)
We would like to try and make sure that our writing is always neat and join up when we can. (Finley)