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Drake Class Living Book – Final Copy!!

Drake class completed our Living book last week. Here is our finished story for you to read!! We would love to know what you think!!

Year 3’s Living Book – Gary and the broken camera

Bang! The flying bus swooped over the town. Its white wings gleaming in the sun. Suddenly, the bus went flying. Bang, in to the massive lake! Unfortunately, the lake was incredibly deep.

Then a silver skinned shark, even bigger than a house, started pushing the bus. Everyone screamed in fear! They were terrified! Opening its huge jaws the shark swallowed the entire bus in one massive gulp! With a huge splutter the shark spat out the watery, rusty metal bus. He had mistaken the bus for a big, juicy steak of meat!

Amazingly, the bus shot out of the lake and landed noisily on the road because it had become enchanted. What happens next is a little miracle. Every single person on the bus walked out alive. But… and it’s a massive but… this was just the start of their story!!

The bus kept flying around Norwich for a few weeks but finally disappeared to London and was sometimes seen by small but curious children during the day!

The events of our story follow a man, a man named Gary, who was on the bus that stormy day in Norwich and he has a very interesting story to tell about how he ended up on the flying bus tour.

6 hours earlier….

Gary was funny lad. He had eyes like street lamps, bright red hair like an overgrown bush and was a tiny bit taller than everyone else. With a mouth like an oven door, Gary could always be heard talking from a long way away. He absolutely adored taking photos and had a wild imagination of his own!

His imagination was mostly about fun things… Often his mind was rather curious and creative. He loved to go to weddings and take photos, these were not your usual wedding photos, but ones that were a little bit stranger. Like pictures of clouds that looked funny shapes and the guests.

On World Book Day, Gary was moving as fast as he could to get to work because, just like normal, he was running late. After spending too long eating his cereal and daydreaming about pictures, he was now sprinting happily along the main road.

Today was the first day of his new job – taking pictures of some very important people. Wondering who the first people on his list today were made him very nervous… So nervous he had forgotten how to take photos using his camera!

60 seconds later Gary went into the staff room and rushed into the toilet. Whispering into the darkness Gary said, “I’ve forgotten how to take photos!”  Climbing up on to the toilet, Gary started to escape through the vent. However, the vent snapped in half and he fell to the ground and smashed his camera into tiny pieces. Gary felt sad.

The manager walked into the toilets and found Gary flat on the floor like a starfish. “Don’t be so lazy and get up now!” shouted manager angrily.

“Sorry… I fell from the sky!” said Gary!

“Impossible!” said the manager.

Gary stood up quickly. But when he stood on one leg it felt sore. “I forgot how to take pictures,” said Gary sadly to his boss. Gary’s boss felt sad because he felt bad that he was bossing Gary around.

Then Gary and his boss when back into the staff room. Gary was still feeling sad because his camera was broken. He thought that he could make a new camera with the help of his new boss. Worriedly, Gary started to tell his boss about his camera breaking. He thought that his new boss would be really, really, angry. The camera belonged to his new boss and he was always really scary.

Sitting quietly in the staff room with his boss, Gary waited for a reply. Because his boss was really strict he was secretly a bit scared because he thought he might get fired. Surprisingly, his boss didn’t say anything. He just looked at him for an hour – He only said one thing. “I think that you can repay me by going on the flying bus.”

Gary thought about this. Suddenly he shouted out, “Ok! I’ll give a go!”

He sprinted out of the staff room door, down the stairs and out of the exit door. To his surprise the flying bus was waiting for him outside by the sharp, pointy fence. Then Gary jumped onto the bus and sat down. Then the bus took off.

Gary did not have a clue where the bus was going. He didn’t even know that this bus was an enchanted bus that could go back in time and could turn into anything! Suddenly the bus started to talk to the passengers, but they didn’t understand a word that it was saying, because it was speaking a different language.

Gary was sitting in the passenger seat holding on as tight as he could because he thought something bad was going to happen. Then suddenly a tornado sucked the bus in. It spun around and around and made Gary feel very dizzy and sick. He landed on the other side of the bus. When he looked up the bus was swooping closer and closer to the lake…

And this is how Gary ended up on the flying bus tour: All because he forgot how to take pictures and broke the new camera!

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