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Our morning at the Buddhist Centre

On a cold,cloudy Thursday morning, we went to visit the small Buddhist Centre in the city centre. When we arrived at the Buddhist Centre, we had to take our shoes off because it is relaxing, tidy and respectful, and so we could be comfortable. The first thing we did was get out red,thick comfortable mats and pillows to sit on. There was a big picture of Buddha at the back of the shrine, which was colourful and beautiful. We looked at interesting pictures of Buddha from different countries, as well as at an optical illusion which showed us that everyone gets older . We also lit candles and sweet cinnamon scented incense. Then we meditated calmly and quietly for 5 minutes, listening to the singing bowl. Afterwards, we felt really relaxed. Next we did some mindfulness activities where we had to mirror our partner. Finally we set off back to school.