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Friday 23rd February – Nelson class start gardening

Nelson started their gardening lessons this morning. Following introductions and a quick visit out to the garden to look at what has already been achieved so far this year, we returned and started work on our project – potatoes.  We discussed what we already knew about the mighty spud before using some close observational drawing as a way to stimulate questions.  We then learned that a potato is actually something called a tuber, and that it is actually a  ‘storage unit’ containing everything it needs to get going.  The potatoes we were working from were seed potatoes so we ended the session preparing them for ‘chitting’.  It will take between 4 – 6 weeks for them to get to a position where we can plant them in the polytunnel.  In the meantime, they’ll sit on the window sill in Nelson class taking in the all important light that is needed to help them ‘chit’ properly.  Enjoy the gallery.