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Gardening in Armes Class – Friday 9th February

This half term we have been working in the garden preparing it for spring. We have been very busy and have achieved so much. Here is what some of our peers had to say about it.

Jack- I enjoyed watching the plants grow.

Willow- I love gardening. It is so scientific.

Noah- The thing I enjoyed most was planting all the seeds in the beds we had helped create.

Ellie- I know that I was a good gardener because my hands were very muddy at the end of every lesson.

Olivia- It was great to see how much the plants had grown every week.

Jacky- My favourite part was making the staging, it was very challenging.

Leonor- I enjoyed gardening because it was great to keep in touch with nature.

Nelson are going to continue our amazing work. Below we have listed some jobs for them to continue to make our garden spectacular.

1) Finish the staging frames and get it bolted.

2) Re pot our seedlings which we have started indoors.

3) Start work on the flowerbeds in the poly tunnel.