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Road and Car Safety

Year 4,5 and 6 had Road a Car Safety training today. Our visitor, Kate, told us lots of interesting information about staying safe in a car. Some top safety tips we learnt:

  • Always wear a seat belt in a car! (Did you know most car accidents happen 2 miles from your house!)
  • If you are under 1.35m then you need a booster seat or seat belt clip to make sure that seat belt goes across your chest and hips- not across your neck or tummy!
  • If you travel 30mphs and stop you can weight 30 x your body weight. That means if you’re not buckles in and hit someone in front of you that the same as being hit by a baby elephant!
  • It takes 23 metres for a car to stop so if you see a car coming down the road and wish to cross- WAIT!

Can you think of other safety tips?