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14.06.17 WW1 War Artist Paul Nash – Heigham Class

As you know, Heigham class has been researching aspects of WW1. Today they captured some of the elements of the World War One artist Paul Nash in their own work.

They viewed works by Paul Nash, and photographic images of The Western Front then recorded aspects that they wished to recreate in their own work.

We did get quite grubby, as most of us selected to work in charcoal!


When war broke out Paul Nash joined up and was sent to the Western Front. He fell into a trench and broke a rib and was sent back to England. In his absence, his regiment was wiped out at the ‘Battle of Passchendaele’.

Nash returned to the trenches as a war artist, filled with a fierce sense of mission – not to avenge his fallen comrades, but to portray the futility of war.