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26.01.17 Sistema Character Development

For our third week with SISTEMA, Year 5 listened to two more examples of opera – an excerpt of Gilbert and Sullivan’s ‘Pirates of Penzance’ and a piece from ‘Hamilton’ a hip hop opera that the children enjoyed greatly. They then looked more deeply at the seven main opera characters, their characteristics and needs. They helped get a fuller picture of these characters by answering the following questions about them. ‘If the character was an animal, what would it be? ‘ ‘what would they do if they saw someone drowning/’; ‘If you asked them the time, how might they answer?’; if there was one slice of cake left and two people wanted it what would happen?’  The children also had the opportunity to ask their own questions of the characters and suggest how they might respond.

They also learnt some of the roles required to produce an opera and have started to think about what role they would like to take.