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Holt Hall-Day 2

It’s an early start this morning- one group getting up at 4.45am and another not even sleeping at all (apparently)! Miss Lewis finally managed to find a signal to sort the blog.  After breakfast we started our first challenge of the day-Orienteering.


The weather became windy so our plans changed and we started to look at how we could measure wind speed.

Just as we were about to go out- CRASH!

One of the trees had been blown over! Jenny and Julia (our guides) told us it was not safe for us to go out because of the other trees so we stayed inside in the warm.

We split into two groups- place value archery, where we had to use place value skills to work with the four operations, and Boat problems- looking at different measures to work out if our criminal could escape in a coricle. Don’t forget the spot of lunch in between.

With the wind finally dying down, we finally got to go out and do some measuring- it was rather gusty so we managed to get some great data from it.

We ended the day by having a play in the lounge, exploring the house and going to the little shop as well before doing a final challenge set by Miss Lewis- a bit of bedtime addition to work out how much names in the group are worth.