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23rd September – WATER ROCKETS!

We’re really becoming busy in year 5. Today our scientist (Mr Piercy) came to talk rockets. After explaining a bit about space and gravity (Apparently it’s really rubbish?) we set to work on our water rockets. The children have written some instructions below if you want to have a go (but remember to have an adult to help you out!).

First- we had to make sure they went as high as they could. We added some fins, nose cones and even love hearts to see if it could make our rockets go higher.

We tested with all sorts of bottles and different levels of water. And then it was time for blast off:




It seemed the the bigger  2 litre bottles and more water seemed to go the highest- the winner being Sam who had already decorated his rocket beforehand.


Finally a treat from our scientist- he launch a chemically powered rocket which moved across a piece of string at quite a speed. It was very impressive- though it took 5-6 tries. Think we’ll stick to the water rockets.