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Working as Scientist

We’re back in Year 5 with a new year team: Mr Swan, Miss Lewis and Mrs Vallis. Today we really got our Scientist caps on and did an experiment to get to know how to write up a science experiment. We began looking at something simple: what happens when you drop two objects of different weight but same shape from the same height?

Simple right? We used blue tac and paper ball and this was the most common hypothesis:

The blue tac will fall first as it is heavier that the paper ball.

We all went outside and tested it out and found out OUR HYPOTHESIS WAS WRONG. Thank Gallieo for the experiment idea! The children were blown away when they found the results. We used reasoning to find the suggestion that air resistance also plays a factor.

Afterwards we wrote up our second experiment: How do we prove the Earth and Sun have a relationship?

Lots of suggestions here:

  • Clouds move across the sky so that proves the Earth moves
  • We get night and day so that proves we move
  • The sun rises in the east and sets in the west- that’s how we know we’re moving. 
  • The sun causes objects to reflect/ cast shadow
  • one of us is moving!

However, as scientists, we wanted to prove that something was moving. We looked at setting up an experiment which looked at seeing what would happen to a shadow throughout the day. We discussed the procedure and the children had a go at writing up using the example from the first experiment to help them. Here are a few examples:


coming soon


Results will be written up tomorrow.