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Experiment into Water Resistance

Carrying on from air resistance, Year 5 looked at water resistance, upthrust and streamlining. We looked at the force of upthrust by first trying to push a balloon into a bucket of water. After that, children tested to see if they could balance upthrust and gravity by designing boats out of modelling clay (unfortunately some of the boat disintegrated in water!)


Those that were successful tried to see if the boats had buoyancy by adding weights so see how much it could hold. Vancouver class’s highest result was 25g. Our final task was looking at streamlining- which means how fast something can move in water. We tested different shapes and observed how fast it went through the water. We noticed that thinner shapes move through the water quickly whereas shapes with a larger surface area slowed down. Joseph’s shape took a whole 10 seconds to reach the bottom (it kept sticking to the sides).