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Whitwell Hall 2016

Monday 16th May – Day 1

After a slightly delayed departure we arrived at Whitwell Hall at 11.15. Tents were soon sorted out and children were keen to get started. A short break for lunch and a quick tour of the site were followed by the first activity – Oreinteering. Four groups set off to find different items hidden around the site. Using their map reading skills and team work.

After drinks the second activity of shelter building started. Four new groups worked together to make the best shelter they could. These were then tested using buckets of water… Most stayed dry!!

Mr Whalen started the fire and ensured that cups of tea were made for all staff…!! This then led to dinner being cooked on the open fire… Pasta Bolognaise!! All children ate their fair share of food and left very little!!

A final evening walk to burn off any remaining energy before tonight’s camp fire with toasted marshmallows!!

More to follow tomorrow after the first night under canvas!!


Tuesday 17th May – Day 2

Today for most people will seem like the longest day they have ever experienced. This will be partly due to most children being awake with the birds… And a fair bit of chatting and moaning!!

This would normally be fine if you were at home, in your bedroom… But when your bedroom is in a field with the birds, and 23 other people, who today woke up at 3.30am… Everyone was awake with them!! This included Mr Whalen and Mrs Richardson!!!

After starting the fire at 4.20am… Some children surfaced bravely at 5.20am. Their skills were needed to collect wood, and restock our depleted wood pile!!

6.30am saw more children gathering around the well built and toasty fire to dry off boots, warm up and have a chat!!

A morning walk with Mr W and Mrs R cleared out any last cobwebs and then it was back to camp to start breakfast. Choices of cereal, fruit and bacon/egg sandwiches all cooked on the open fire were enough to refuel the energy levels and lead the children into their first activities. Archery and Kayaking.

After lunch the children completed their model boats and the second group headed off to complete their kayaking. Much refreshed and looking forward to the evening walk to the stream walk, a delicious BBQ was served up by the Chef – Mr Whalen!!

Off to the stream to paddle and look for rocks, fish and mini beasts!!

Mr Whalen and Mrs Richardson got a bit wet, but great fun was had by all!!

Now back at camp and yet another fire is on the go in preparation for hot chocolate and biscuits!!

Our final day awaits tomorrow and hopefully a little more than 4 hours sleep!!!

Mr W

Wednesday 18th May -Day 3
After. Good nights sleep for all the final day has arrived. The great boat race awaits us and the weather is certainly fitting. Wet, windy and grey skies!! Yesterday’s glorious sunshine and distant memory!!!
First the task of fire lighting, cooking and eating!! All children played a part in ensuring that we could eat and have a hot drink. From Jai, Molly and Piotr helping to light the fire to George and Callum collecting wood!!!
Mr W produced some magic to relight the BBQ and cooked in the words of Sophie – ‘The best bacon sandwiches ever!!’
Lots to tidy later, lots of smiles and energy to get us to lunch time tho!!

See you all later!!
From All the children, Mr W, Mrs R and Mrs V!!