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Our Curriculum

You don’t want to cover a subject. You want to uncover it.”  David Hawkins (2000)

At Wensum Junior School we are committed to delivering an engaging, relevant and purposeful education for all our children.  Our school vision captures our aspirations for everyone working and learning at Wensum. The National Curriculum provides us with a starting point for our planning, but we see this as just one element within a much broader programme and we will always prioritise powerful learning experiences over covering content. We use the Herts for Learning framework for ensuring age-related progression in reading, writing and maths and for termly assessment in these core subjects.  In September 2017 we started the second year of our REAL curriculum, transforming teaching and learning at Wensum and delivering exciting learning experiences for the whole school community. When OFSTED visited in January this year they praised a “diverse, rich and innovative curriculum that fires the pupils’ imagination and inspires them to learn.”  To find out more about our curriculum please click on the links below:

The hundred languages of children – Wensum Junior School and the National Curriculum

Our Curriculum 2016 – 2020

What does learning look like at Wensum?

It is often said that you can get a powerful insight into the curriculum by dropping in on a classroom and looking at what is displayed on the walls and hanging from the ceiling.  While this is true, it will only ever be a snapshot.  To get a real feel for the curriculum on offer at Wensum please take a look at our blogs. These can be found under the Blogs tab on the left side of the screen.  Alternatively please take a minute or two to watch the slideshow on the homepage.  Happy browsing.

 Where can I see what my child is learning?

Termly curriculum planners for each year group can be found by clicking on the relevant year team under the Curriculum tab.  This information is published at the start of each term. If you have any questions about the curriculum please arrange to speak to your child’s class teacher or, alternatively, you can come and find me.

Mr Hubery

Deputy Headteacher.