Aims & Values

101_0108We are committed to providing quality education for all our children. Our aim is to help every child reach his or her academic potential, to acquire the attitudes, experiences, knowledge and skills to lead a full life, and cope with the demands and expectations of society.

We want every child to

  • have enthusiasm for learning, aspire to do their best and make the most of their abilities
  • become happy and confident individuals who show initiative and originality
  • have a sense of humour, individual dignity, self respect and a sense of their own worth
  • have integrity and honesty
  • be polite, and to have respect and tolerance for others
  • have a caring and responsible attitude towards each other, to the school, our community and our environment

The school aims to

  • create a safe and happy environment, in which everyone is treated with respect and given every encouragement
  • motivate and inspire children and provide stimulating opportunities for learning
  • match our teaching to the children’s abilities to meet their needs
  • have high expectations and set challenging targets
  • recognise and celebrate achievements
  • set activities to be completed at home which will reinforce and contribute to each child’s learning in school
  • provide a relevant, balanced and broad education, in line with the National Curriculum and Norfolk policy guidelines
  • continue to set high standards which will promote good behaviour, and administer appropriate sanctions for poor behaviour in accordance with school policy Aims and values
  • monitor the attendance of all children and respond to patterns of attendance in an appropriate way
  • contact parents on the first day of a child’s absence if they have been unable to contact the school
  • inform parents about poor attendance and provide the opportunity for their child to catch up on missed work, as appropriate
  • keep parents regularly informed on their child’s progress and achievements

We hope that you will support your child by

  • supporting the school in encouraging high standards of behaviour
  • helping and encouraging your child to complete homework activities
  • letting the school know of anything that might affect your child’s work or behaviour
  • working with the school to find solutions to problems if they arise
  • attending parents evenings and discussions on your child’s progress
  • making sure that your child attends school regularly, on time and is properly equipped
  • notifying the school on the first day of any absence

We expect that every child will strive to do their best by

  • coming to school on time and ready for work
  • taking pride in their work and doing their best all the time
  • following the school and classroom rules
  • listening carefully to their teachers and asking for help when needed
  • respecting and caring for the school environment and everyone in it
  • being helpful and looking after other people and their property
  • completing homework as well as they can, and handing it in on time
  • telling the teacher when something is affecting their work
  • following the school dress code