Forest School

That which ought and can best be taught inside the classrooms should be taught there, and that which can best be learned through experience dealing directly with native materials and life situations outside the school should there be learned.”  Lloyd B. Sharp (1895 – 1963)

Forest School is a Scandinavian concept of outdoor learning. Sun, snow or rain – children explore their surroundings, friendships and problem solving through adventurous, natural activities and free choice.

At Wensum, your child will take part in Forest Schools as part of their curriculum. Through exploration of den building, camp fires and exploring natural materials, children will develop a love of the outdoors and understand how to respect their surroundings.

Please remind your child to bring appropriate footwear to stay comfortable during the colder months. Since February 2017 there has been a dedicated Forest School blog in operation. Please click the tab to the left to see what the children have been up to.


WJS appears on Creative Star Learning blog

Creative Star Learning is a resource and blog for teachers using the great outdoors to create powerful learning experiences.  Following correspondence between Mr Hubery and Juliet Robertson (founder of Creative Star Learning and author or Dirty Teaching) a blog post has gone live on the site recording the outdoor fractions work undertaken by Stark class in December.  Click the link to read the post: Creative Star Learning blog.