Year 5 River Wensum Walk

Today, Year 5 explored their section of the river. The children looked at New Mills, Coslany St Miles, Duke St Bridge, Blackfriars Bridge, Fye Bridge, Whitefriars Bridge, Peter’s Bridge, Cow Tower, Bishop Bridge and Pull’s Ferry. at each stop, the children had to write down what they saw, smelt and heard and what they noticed about the river. We stopped for lunch at the cathedral before finally heading home.

Year 5 Mathematicians- Investigating Angles

The last two days has seen Year 5 investigating angles. Do angles in a triangle have a relationship? Do angles in a quadrilateral have a relationship?


What we found out:

When you put the angles together (in a triangle ) they form a semi-circle like the protractor – Alan

It doesn’t matter what type of triangle it is, all the angles will add up to 180 degrees – Izzy W

I thought different quadrilaterals wouldn’t add up to 360 degrees because they have different types of angles but they all fit together to make a circle – Euron

 I thought (quadrilaterals) would add up to 360 degrees because a square does and different quadrilaterals are just a stretching square – Aimee. 



Year 5 Opera Week 5

Week 5

This week, the writers and musicians merged together to start putting music to the lyrics. Meanwhile the production crew measured the hall and started developing a stage and seating map. The designers have created looks for each character ready to start costume work after half term.

Auditions were also held for the main roles and the chorus.


Year 5 Mathematicians

Whilst I was away, Mr Hubery took over. They played ‘Dicey Operations’ where the dice control what the question is going to be. Here is an example where the dice makes subtraction difficult but Turner Class take the challenge head on.


Year 5 Opera Week 4

The writers have finished the writing and they worked with the musicians with music.

The designers have come up with a circus stage plan.

The musicians are finalising song overtures

The production team have finished their poster and ticket designs and are working on invitations.

Year 5 Opera Week 3

This week Yr5 have been working their socks off.

Writers are continuing to turn the story into song lyrics- ensuring that meter and rhyme are perfect.

The lyrics will soon be put into music. They have also been working on jokes to do with the pasta which

will run throughout the opera

Producers have been working on making the tickets and the poster designs-some of them have been working on contacting people to ask if they can help us with our opera.

The Musicians have been working super hard and composing music that the writers wrote, whilst others are on the ipads creating overtures.

Designers are making mood boards from lots of different materials to help with the things they’re doing.

Year 5 Opera project week one

Today, year 5 started there work on the opera. They were split into 4 groups: Designer, Musician, Production and Writers.

The writers are starting to write the script.

The musicians are starting to write the songs.

Production are fiddling with the logo to make it perfect for the opera.

The designers are looking at mood, emotion and atmosphere of the characters.


Yr 5 Christmas Tree

This year, Yr 5 have volunteered to decorate a tree for the Christmas tree festival. 8 year 5 pupils walked to the church this morning with Ms McConnell and Miss Metcalf and decorated the tree with the decorations the children had made. They even managed to grab a hot chocolate afterwards.


Year 5 trip to Cambridge

On the 7th November 2017, Year 5 went to visit 2 museums, the Sedgewick, the museum of Earth Science, and the Whipple, The history of Science. There, they had 2 workshops.One was based on rocks and what they could tell us about Earth and Space, and the other was about the history of exploring Space.