12th February 2016- Chocolate Evaluations

Mr Stephens visited us again today to evaluate our chocolate boxes and our final designs. Mr Stephens also judged the homework and gave out prizes to children who he felt had put a lot of work and effort into their projects and boxes over the last few weeks! We wish to thank both year 5 classes who work extremely hard this half term.




We will see you on the 22nd for Extreme Earth! Those coming to Holt Hall have until the 25th to pay.

February 12th- Outdoor Learning Day

Today was outdoor learning day! Year 5 experimented with metaphors using the story “Not-A-Stick” as inspiration. Here are some examples:

  • The stick was a stylish, beautiful mustache. 
  • The leaf was a messy, old, crumpled bed cover.
  • The amazing stick was a unicorn horn which was peeling away.
  • The stick was a mighty amazing sword that fought monsters.
  • The stick was a humongous living anaconda that slithered around the jungle.


  • It’s not a stick, It’s an ancient, mysterious fishing rod that once caught the largest fish in the world and  hadn’t been found for a 1000 years until now!
  • It’s not a lifeless, boring stick, it’s a wand from the year 3015, colourful and futuristic. It was also used by Harry Potter who was cloned!
  • It’s not a stick, it is a dreadful, ancient broomstick which was used by a fat, ugly witch.
  • It’s not a twig, it’s a golden, silvery ancient gun.

8th February -Cathedral Visit

Today was our Cathedral trip. The children did an amazing job walking down and quietly walked around. We learnt that the font used for baptisms was acquired from a chocolate factory! We were also lucky that Kleo and Natalia were asked to say a prayer with the priest whilst there.