We had an amazing session this afternoon, Casper and Jack set up and started the main fire. On this we cooked apple. We played in the mud pit and made a hammock.

30.9.21 Yeti Forest School

We were lucky today, the rain held off for us and we had a lovely session. There was lots of den and shelter building and the children have made a new mud kitchen which was great fun. The bark removal team have had a great time spreading our new bark pile round the tree area and getting to grips with using a wheelbarrow. It is definitely getting colder now, so please remember coats next week. Amy

14.05.21 Year 3 Forest School

It was a lovely afternoon to go outside, we were very lucky and had enough adults to build with us, do some gardening and open the pond area.

Amy and Mark helped us to make different structures, swings and dens which we really enjoyed. Karen and Rianne did pond dipping with us and we found lots in there including newts, nymphs and snails.

Mark took a group to do some gardening and they got loads done outside in our flower beds and planters. We replanted somethings and planted out the seedlings we had grown in class.

As well as this we had fun climbing and digging we were lucky it wasn’t too hot or cold. We had a great time and can’t wait till next week.

Pegasus meets the art room.

Today we finally got to try out the art room, and we were very excited. At the minute we are making some amazingly bright freedom birds to go with our writing. As well as this we were creating some amazing African art work. This was quite hard as each box needed a diffrent pattern.

We used oil pastels on our African art work and tissue paper, paint and lots of glue for our birds. We are very happy with the results and hope you enjoy them.

20.6.20 If I could be?

We were looking at animal adaptations this week, the children looked at a video and then picked or made up an animal they would like to be and why.

They really do some amazing work and I love to share. Amy

17.6.20 Cat facts…

This week on seesaw the children were looking up cat facts and making them into a poster. It can be hard to draw on a screen I think you will agree they have done an amazing job. Amy


This week the children were drawing flowers, they made sure to pay attention to detail and think about what more they could add to it. I think that they have managed to achieve an amazing standard of work. Well done.

Here are some of those fabulous pieces.