23.9.19 Year 3 Outdoor Learning

We had a fantastic afternoon, the children loved making things out of clay, and finding homes for the various cuddly animals. We joined forces and spent lots of time excavating the mud heap and finding treasure. Mrs Slater helped us to use the loppers and make elder beads which we made into bracelets and Mrs Mann helped us to find new ways to build dens and tie knots.

23.9.19 Year 3 Homesteading

We started today by looking at the seasons, what they were and what happens to plants at different times. Because we are in autumn we talked about plants dying and why we cut them back. We also looked at which animals hibernate and what that meant. This helped us to create bug hotels to help our local wildlife. As well as that we had other jobs to do today. We enjoyed digging over our garden and clearing the poly-tunnel of dead plants. We also cleaned out the guinea pigs as they are our animal this term and learnt about animal handling. We had lovely weather, learnt a lot and really enjoyed our morning.

19.9.19 Year 4 Outside learning.

Today was a lovely day, we started looking at different animals and thinking about where they live, what their habitats are like and how we could help them. This sparked a lovely discussion about making habitats to help our local animals. We placed soft toys around the area to help us think about where they would be happy. Then we started to plan. We look forward to making many homes this term.

16.9.19 Finchley Outdoor Learning

It was a bit of a yucky day today, but we had the canopy up and made assorted clay things. As the weather cleared up we spread out, played on the obstacle course as we had designed our own. We went pond dipping, tree climbing

and generally had fun exploring.

13.09.19 Year 6 Outdoor learning

We were lucky today the weather was lovely, we spent the afternoon session making clay items, climbing trees, making swings and perfecting our obstacle course. Next week we are project planning so it was nice to spend the time together in the sun.

12.09.19 Year 4 start outdoor learning.

What an afternoon! We started our outdoor learning so we have climbed and played while getting ourselves used to our outdoor area again. Some of us pond dipped, while others made a obstacle course in the building area. We all had a great time : )