11.03.20 Year 5 Homesteading

We had a busy start to the day and lots to do. We split into 2 groups one group went and started planting in the front gardens the other group stayed in the garden area on the field. We cleaned out the chickens, water plants and made a new compost bin. We have lots growing now so we are starting to plan where it will go. Lucas is helping us to make an Anderson shelter which has been really interesting and given us new skills to learn. We can’t wait for next week though it looks very busy already.

9.03.20 Year 3 Outdoor Learning

It was cold but sunny and we had a brilliant session, lots of climbing and den building as well as some pond dipping. The tree circle is changing a lot at this time of year and we looked at all the differences. Next week we will be looking at how we can help our area outside.

13.03.20 Year 6 Homesteading

It was a beautiful morning and we got lots done. We planted the herbs we had harvested last year into our wild garden, we cleaned out the animals and made sure that they were warm enough. A group of us worked on making the fence around the tree circle, this taught another set of new skills. We are looking forward to next week, when the guinea pigs will come outside.

13.03.20 Year 6 Circus (Team Rocket)

We had a great time today, we played lots of games to warm up and stretch, then we went straight into the planning of our final show. We learnt that it is hard to stay in time and that we have already learnt so amazing things. We worked hard and can’t wait to show our final performance to the rest of the school.

9.3.20 Year 3 Homesteading.

It was a glorious and sunny morning, we were excited to have some new seeds to plant and lots to do. One group went in the garden, we covered plants to protect them from frost, planted our new seeds and watered everything. Another group split into 3 and went pond dipping, cleaned out the chickens and collected sticks of the field (these will be woven into our new fence.) It was a hugely productive morning, well done year 3.

5.3.20 Forest School After School

It was really cold this afternoon so we had a fire and learnt how to cook apples (which were delicious). We also started to get used to the knives that we will use later on and practice using them. We had a lovely afternoon and can’t wait till next week.

5.2.20 Year 5 Homesteading

Today we split into 3 groups, this was the outside blog. In the garden we cleaned out the chickens and there run and put all the waste in the compost so we can reuse it later in the garden. At the same time we were also watering all our beds and plants inside and outside (the hose is fixed, which was exciting). We spent some time going through our seed bank to see what we could plant at this time of year. The seed packets were hard to read but we got the knack in the end. The group that are digging the beds at the front have started laying the paths between beds and are really pleased with what we have achieved so far. Looking forward to next week 🙂

5.2.20 Year 5 Outdoor Learning

We’ve been lucky so far this week with the weather, and although it is cold today it is also bright and sunny. We spent lots of time climbing trees and making dens today. Some of got the clay out and made some wonderful creations. The mud pit is open again so we enjoyed making mud food to go into the cafe we had created. As usual we had a great time and we are looking forward to the next session.

6.02.20 Year 4 Outdoor Learning

It was a beautiful afternoon and we enjoyed the weather. There is lots in the pond at this time of year and Sarah took us in to try and find and identify what there was. One of us caught a newt, which was very exciting. The rest of us made dens and bases, got the clay out and had fun playing on the mud hill. We had a lovely afternoon.