17.6.20 Cat facts…

This week on seesaw the children were looking up cat facts and making them into a poster. It can be hard to draw on a screen I think you will agree they have done an amazing job. Amy


This week the children were drawing flowers, they made sure to pay attention to detail and think about what more they could add to it. I think that they have managed to achieve an amazing standard of work. Well done.

Here are some of those fabulous pieces.

8.5.20 Forest School Drawing Week 2

It has been another amazing week of online learning. This weeks drawing challenge was the seasons. The children had to draw the seasons and tell us which one they like the most and why. There is a range of techniques and material used in the different pictures. Our children are amazing, and I wanted to share some of the amazing work they have done with you.

Amy x

4.5.20 Forest School drawing challenge.

Hi guys, it has been lovely to see all the beautiful work that the children have been doing on Seesaw. Last week I challenged the children to find a leaf and then draw it. Here are some of their lovely responses. Amy 😉

11.03.20 Year 5 Homesteading

We had a busy start to the day and lots to do. We split into 2 groups one group went and started planting in the front gardens the other group stayed in the garden area on the field. We cleaned out the chickens, water plants and made a new compost bin. We have lots growing now so we are starting to plan where it will go. Lucas is helping us to make an Anderson shelter which has been really interesting and given us new skills to learn. We can’t wait for next week though it looks very busy already.

9.03.20 Year 3 Outdoor Learning

It was cold but sunny and we had a brilliant session, lots of climbing and den building as well as some pond dipping. The tree circle is changing a lot at this time of year and we looked at all the differences. Next week we will be looking at how we can help our area outside.

13.03.20 Year 6 Homesteading

It was a beautiful morning and we got lots done. We planted the herbs we had harvested last year into our wild garden, we cleaned out the animals and made sure that they were warm enough. A group of us worked on making the fence around the tree circle, this taught another set of new skills. We are looking forward to next week, when the guinea pigs will come outside.

13.03.20 Year 6 Circus (Team Rocket)

We had a great time today, we played lots of games to warm up and stretch, then we went straight into the planning of our final show. We learnt that it is hard to stay in time and that we have already learnt so amazing things. We worked hard and can’t wait to show our final performance to the rest of the school.