Year 4 cooking Friday 12th October

This weeks recipe was vegetable pizza. Lots of skills were needed to make this tasty treat. The children had to grate cheese, slice and chop peppers, knead dough then roll it out and then finally top it off with yummy cheese and vegetables. This was definitely a hit with children AND staff!!

Armes Class Forest Schools

Today, Armes class had Forest Schools. They dug the ground and hunted for worms, climbed trees, created wonderful tree decorations with sticks and string. They also made jewellery, dens and went ponding dipping.

Year 4 cooking Friday 28th September

This week we used the school grown courgettes to try our hand at making muffins. An unusual type but we thought we would be daring ! The children weighed ingredients, grated courgette and spooned the mixture into tins. While they were cooking one group made courgette fritters and the other group fried up some courgettes.  There was  taste testing afterwards. With mixed results…..