Tie Dye – Year 4 Homesteading

Today in homesteading group 4 started a tie dying project. (Lily W)

We used rice and marbles to make patterns in the fabric. We used elastic bands to tie the rice and marbles to the cotton fabric. (Megan)

We chose to dye our fabric blue. To make the dye we mixed the dye in warm water and then added more water and salt. (Calium)

The salt fixes the dye to the fabric (Harvey)

It was really fun using the fabric and marbles as it will make a cool pattern. (Isla)

It was really fun! I can’t wait to see the results. (Vinnie)

Homesteading – Outdoor Art 21/11/2019

We went outside and made outdoor art with natural resources in our tree circle area. (Arthur)

I made a tree using one large log and lots of leaves. Making this was fun. (Kobi)

It was fun making the ship art together.We made our ship using a plank of wood, twigs, leaves and part of a pottery plant pot. (Lauren, Kody, Kaja)

I made a man out of twigs and leaves. It was really fun making his head. (Arthur)

We made a plane and a house. We really enjoyed it. (Harshil, Taleni)

Dolphin Gardening 3/5/2019

Today we went outside to do some gardening. We planted sunflowers, pumpkins, marigolds and sweet peppers. We dug up potatoes, beetroot and carrots so that we could clear an area for new plants. We also added more mushroom compost to the raspberry plants.

Lily, Kody and Krzysztof

Dolphin’s Bollywood Workshop 11/3/2019

Today Dolphin class had great fun learning to do a Bollywood dance.

First Tina taught us the lotus hand movements. Then she taught us how to use our whole body to do the dance. We learnt that Bollywood contains 3 types of dance: classical Indian, contemporary and Bhangra.

Once we had learnt the dance routine we were able to wear some traditional Indian outfits. Girls were able to wear saris and boys wore waist coats and ankle bells. We had to wear the bells on our right foot as you lead the dance with the right side of your body.

Lily – “It was great fun, we learnt lots of different movements”

Rosetta – “It was amazing, we had so many colourful costumes”

Isla – “We learnt Bollywood dancing is made up of lots of hand movements”


Friday 15th February. Y3 visit the Norfolk Heritage Centre

Today year 3 went on a trip to Norwich Millennium Library to visit the Norfolk Heritage Centre. We walked to and from the library.

Each class had the opportunity to spend some time in the 8+ children’s library area. Year 3 had story time then explored the books. Some children signed up to the library and were able to take books home with them.

When visiting the Norfolk Heritage Centre we had to go up to the 3rd floor. We split into groups and explored a variety of old books. We were even taken to the book storage area and shown how the shelves were electronically moved.

In groups we were shown old maps of Norwich and photographs. We were able to see how Norwich has changed through the years.

Lauren Dolphin class – “We saw that our school disappeared on one of the maps as it hadn’t been built”

Lily Dolphin class – “We had a lovely trip. We learnt about the past”

Romance Event – Earlham Cemetery 4th January 2019

As part of year 3’s working as historians romance event we went on a walk to Earlham Cemetery. The children focused on what they could see and how they thought the area could have changed over time. The children looked at head stones and focused on finding the earliest date they could see, clues as to where the person was from and identity. Year 3 visited the World War 2 memorial and the Jewish burial areas.

On the way back to school Sophie in Dolphin class said ” I really enjoyed this trip, it’s better than playing games on my phone”.