Year 5 pupils from Turner class received their own personal dictionaries today from Tony Darwood and Bridget Youngs (Rotary Club).

All year 4 and 5 pupils will receive these over the next few days.

Thank you very much.


Our activity day!

Today we had an activity day with Mrs Vallis and Mrs May. We were all split into four teams. My team included Tyrese, Kiki, Molly, Connor, Nouf, and Sienna. The winners of the day were the team with the most points. For each activity we started with 20 points; we could lose and gain some. You could gain points by showing our Wensum values!

This is what we got up to:

First of all, my group made a healthy eating poster – it was really fun to do. I made some fruit and vegetables to stick on the poster.

Next, we did cooking. It was so enjoyable. We made cornflake chocolate cakes they had marshmallows and raisins on top.

After that, we practised our maths skills on Sumdog. I played creeper mostly and I answered 100 questions – IN ONE GAME!

Finally, we designed a game that years below can play on the playground. We made a mini game which has loads of little games applied into one.

My favourite activity was making the healthy poster. We designed an excellent poster, which I was really proud of.

I think most of my group worked well as a team and contributed well. Also we didn’t lose too many points.


Year 6 Courtroom!

Year 6 were pleased to welcome two magistrates this morning and role-play a real life court room scenario. We all learnt a lot about how a court works, who is involved and decisions that need to me made.