Friday 20th January

Dave Tonge has come back to work with year 6 for his 2nd time.The focus of today was learning how to adapt a story and how to engage an audience through movement, sound and eye contact. He also gave some amazing advice such as how to wear a hat properly…and where to buy them!! Dave also showed us some of the books he found in various charity shops with stories from around the world.

Written by Ellie and Tom, Sycamore class.

Wednesday 18th January

Lost in Translation came in again today to teach us some awesome new skills. There was hula hooping, juggling and acrobalance. In hula hooping we put together a sequence of the skills we’ve learnt on previous weeks.In juggling we played a game were we had some juggling balls and we threw them to someone else in the circle. we did this to improve our concentration and catching skills.The more juggling balls we had, the harder it was. In acrobalance we went up in steps from one person balancing on top of another person to making a big pyramid with everyone in the group. We are looking forward to tomorrow when we will be working on our ensemble.

Written by Kendal and Ellie from Sycamore class.


Tuesday 10th January

Storytelling Workshop

Dave Tonge is a storyteller that inspires children to create their own stories. He came in to year 6 to give us tips and advice about storytelling for our Working as Artists project.  The best advice was to be loud and clear when you are telling a story to an audience and also to use different voices for different characters. We all really enjoyed learning about Australian creation stories and loved playing the games. We are looking forward to working with him all term.