Year 3 – Working as Artists – Week 1

We have been looking at the artist Julien Sinzogan, and how his art work links to memory, identity, travel and celebration. The country of Benin in Western Africa plays a significant role in Julien’s art work, looking at his own heritage, history and culture. Julien’s work has a large focus on travel, family, celebration of life and death and the Benin Slave Trade.

This week our focus has been ‘Family’. We have looked at what ‘family’ means, what different families look like, why families are different and that all families are different and that is ok.
We have linked this week’s art work to our understanding of ‘sense of self’ and ‘belonging’, as well as creating collage to portray our own family trees.

Year 3 Science Fair – Day 8


Year 3 were incredibly excited today. We were lucky to speak to the wonderful Sir Norman Lamb via zoom. 

All the Year 3 children gathered in Pegasus’ classroom. The children were incredibly engaged as Sir Norman told them about his life and poignant family experiences with mental health. He explained all about why he is campaigning for better understanding into mental health and well-being and why it is so incredibly important for mental health to be addressed and supported just as much as physical health. 

Sir Norman gave the children lots of ideas of what can improve our mental well-being and how they also link to our physical well-being.

We talked about the end goal of our project – our digital well-being book- which will be accessible for all, inclusive and solely written by the Year 3 children. Sir Norman was thrilled to hear we were embarking on this project and wanted to thank us all for promoting mental health and well-being. He was very keen to write something for us to include in our book, which will be absolutely amazing!

The children did themselves, the school and their families proud today. They were respectful and articulate. There were some wonderful questions for Sir Norman from the children and they spoke with confidence and with curious minds.

After the zoom chat we split up into our classes and reflected on what was said as well as what impact Sir Norman’s ideas and discussion would have on the children personally and what we need to ensure we cover in our book.

Today was a wonderful experience for all of the children.
A huge THANK YOU to Sir Norman Lamb for taking the time to talk to us today.

Year 3 Science Fair- Day Seven

Today was the day that Year 3 started to become and do official ‘author’ jobs for their upcoming digital book!

Pegasus Class looked at The Digestive System this morning. In groups, the children worked together to come up with ideas for each section.
Unicorn Class also worked in groups to look at the different sections for their writing on The Circulatory System.

This afternoon, the children thought about what impact they are going to have on their Y3 digital book as individuals. The children completed a planning template individually to map out how they will bring their own ideas to life.

Another wonderful day of hard work! Well Done Year 3!

Year 3 Science Fair – Day Six

On Tuesday, the children worked as a year group to write a first draft all about The Nervous System ready for it to be edited for our digital book.

Year 3 then worked in their classes to come up with their own ideas about what we have learned about over the last few months. The children in both classes went around the classroom and added their thoughts to each mind map.

Unicorn Class also produced a wonderful science learning river with writing, pictures, diagrams and labels to symbolise their learning journey.

Year 3 Science Fair – Day Five


Year 3 have worked so incredibly hard over the last two weeks. We cannot wait to continue that wonderful learning next week and beyond. It is a very exciting time in our project and all the hard work will be celebrated during our showcase and the ongoing work of our digital book.

Today the children edited their feelings poems, thinking about the work we have done on the senses, adjectives and similes. Year 3 wrote their poems and some children even designed pictures to go with them. These are going to be incredible in our digital book!

We also thought about what we are thankful for. It is really important for our mental well-being to think about all of the wonderful things around us, the positive things and the people who care for and support us each and every day.

Year 3 Science Fair – Day Four

What a wonderful day of learning.

We are so proud of the Year 3 children and how amazing all of their learning has been over this period of isolation.

Today, the children wrote poems linked to emotions to end our unit of work around poetry within our Working as Readers and Working as Writers time, and we linked this with our science learning all about mental health and wellbeing. Year 3 have written some wonderful poems expressing their thoughts about specific emotions and we are looking forward to getting these written up and for them to perform their poems on video, ready for our digital book.

The children also looked at how different events in our lives can affect us and what advice they would give to other people in different situations and life events.

A big part of our day today included exercising to a Joe Wicks chair exercise video. We explained the importance of our book being accessible for all and being inclusive of the needs of others. The children really enjoyed trying out chair exercising.

Finally, to end our day, we held a live zoom story time where Rianne and Rob shared each shared a story with the children. This was enjoyed by all!

Amazing day, thank you Year 3!

Year 3 Science Fair Blog – Day Three

We have had another full day of learning through seesaw!

Today we focused on activities that could be used in specific sections of our digital book.

We looked at body maps and the children highlighted different parts of their bodies that they felt different emotions. It was very interesting to see where different people feel different things.
We also looked at creating feelings mind maps. The mind maps will help the children plan poetry all about emotions and feelings.

A major part of our project brief is physical and mental well-being, some children wrote wonderful explanations for what these actually mean.

Another productive day, well done Year 3!

Year 3 Science Fair Blog – Day Two

Today was a very exciting day in Year 3.
We introduced the next phase of our project to the Year 3 children via a live online zoom lesson!

We reminded the children of our project brief and talked about the different ways we could develop and deliver innovative approaches to help with physical and mental well-being across both school sites and within the local community. We discussed the idea of creating a digital book that was accessible for all children, teens and adults. What goes in the book would be for the children to decide!

We had ALOT of wonderful and intriguing ideas of pages/activities that could be added to the book, from the children during the zoom lesson and afterwards on seesaw as well. Things like, puzzles, growth mindset activities, yoga tutorials, recipes for healthy eating, drawing tutorials, how to do gardening, brain challenges, exercise routines (gymnastics, karate, dog walking etc.) Meditation and breathing exercises, posters, drawings, short stories, nature walk ideas, how pets help us during times of loneliness, a section to link to different clubs within the community and LOTS more! The children were excited, keen, engaged and eager to get started!

As part of our seesaw learning today we thought about how emotions can be seen through art. The children used lots of different pictures and art work as stimulus to create their own ideas of emotions and feelings represented through drawing. As you can see, the Year 3 children took on this challenge with real passion and expression.

Awesome work Year 3!

Year 3 Science Fair Blog – Day One

Year 3 are self-isolating at the moment, but we have had an incredible first week of home learning with the children producing over 700 pieces of work!
All the children have engaged amazingly and have immersed themselves into learning, taking part and creating exciting work.

We have continued our learning from before we had to self-isolate, all about ‘The Nervous System’ and ‘Our Mental Health and Well-being’. The children have engaged in written work, creating colour poems, making posters about exercise – linking physical and mental well-being, constructing brains, watching exciting videos, learning about how our feelings affect us and researching what we can do to look after our mental health.

Well Done Year 3!