Friday Clay Day!

Year 5 were really looking forward to our day in the Art Room today … and the experience didn’t disappoint!

We took our design ideas with us and were able to sculpt with clay to form our finished animal pieces.

In our designs we had to consider how we would make our finished pieces stable.

We learnt a technique for attaching pieces of clay using crosshatching and slip.

It was amazing to see everyone’s designs evolve into their 3D form! We wish we could do this every Friday!!!

We hope you enjoy them!

Worlds in a Box

This week we have been busy on our individual and small group projects. We started with an empty cardboard box and are now busy creating our own scene inside each box. We’ve been creative with our materials: paint, Modroc, lights, cotton wool, grass, twinkly lights and more! We’ve also had to be resourceful with our space – working as a team to transform our classrooms into art studios – and back. It’s been a pleasure to see everyone so immersed in their projects. Next week we’ll be continuing with our designs and starting to think about how we might group these together as an installation. Year 5, you have been amazing!

Year 5 Working as Artists

We have been inspired by Grayson Perry’s Art Club to work on portraits of our own. We took it in turns to observe and capture each other in portrait form. First we used pencil and next we experimented with using tea, coffee and soya sauce to add colour to our portraits. We had to put our trust in each other, when working as artists and as models!

We are mathematicians!

This week we have played a Maths game from Somalia. It was similar to draughts but it was called ‘Pumpkin Patch’. We played against each other and tried to think strategically. Today, we continued to work together finding patterns within shapes. We used our mathematical vocabulary to explain the patterns we found.

Welcome back Year 5!

This half-term we are working as artists. We began with expressive mark-making using charcoal and pencil. We explored how different styles of music effected the drawings we made. We tried drawing with each hand and even drawing with our eyes closed. It was brilliant to be back in school, joining in together and having fun!

Year 5 Practical Investigations

What a wonderful Wednesday! Practical investigations (Working as Scientists skill 4) continued in Year 5 today.

Charlie and Archie were able to unwrap and test the sandwiches they made yesterday. They carried out a comparative test to see which type of wrapping kept the sandwiches freshest. Charlie also carried out some research and found a newspaper article online which was about the greenest way to wrap your lunch.

Kody and Elspeth discussed their ideas for a comparative test of the properties of different bottles with Lucas, our caretaker. Lucas left them a surprise at lunchtime – some solid shampoo, which they are thinking of using to compare which types of shampoo and packaging are most environmentally friendly. Elspeth discovered that bioplastic is not a simple solution to the challenges of plastic waste, she used what she found in several online articles and books to inform her opinions. Kody brought some vegetable waste and an egg in to use in their experiment – though the egg didn’t survive the trip to school. Great initiative, Kody!

Krzys, Kaja, Dexter and Jamie made a second type of cleaning spray today ready for a comparative test. They also asked Lucas some of the ‘ask an expert’ questions they had prepared. This group is trying to find a solution to the amount of plastic waste we produce as a school through the use of cleaning spray bottles. They found the answer to some of their research questions today and then also generated some follow-up questions. Where will this investigation take them next?

Upcycling Furniture 27th November

It was a foggy and very chilly start to the day but that didn’t dampen our enthusiasm! This week our group headed up to our workshop space to continue working on our upcycling project. We touched up the white base coat on our furniture items and then added some colour to customize our designs. We used fabric dye on the cushion material to give the seats of the chairs a new look. Also Lucas showed us what a motorcycle helmet is constructed of – he has sawn a helmet in half to show us a cross-section. He explained the materials used to cushion impact and protect a biker’s head. A busy day in the workshop with excellent teamwork today. Well done for remembering your painting clothes everyone – we certainly got messy!

We are Scientists: Monday 30th November

Today in Year 5 we devised our own research questions, thinking carefully about what research we would need to carry out in order to answer our powerful driving question. We worked collaboratively in our small groups, using big pieces of paper to map out our ideas for the next stage of our projects. It was great to see children working together and getting started! We checked that we have listed all the resources we will need ready for the next stage of our projects.

Working as Scientists: Let’s Get Organized!

This morning we got together in our Working as Scientists groups and thought about the resources we would need for our projects next week.

We organized our ideas into:
Resources I need to get myself…
Please get me these, teacher!
To Do List…

Now we have a plan of action and will be ready to get started on Monday – two more weeks until our Showcase!

We have discussed our ideas in our groups, thinking about whether we will need to answer our scientific question through a practical investigation, by research or both.

This group are planning to show fashion can be fun without creating waste.

Year 5 and Maple Travel Back in Time!

We visited Gressenhall Museum and Farm to experience what life was like on the ‘homefront’ during World War 2.

We met an officer from the Homeguard who taught us self-defense, using a broomstick handle as a bayonet! We had to ‘fall in’, stand to attention and march in line. He even checked that we weren’t spies.

We met a ‘land girl’ on the farm who showed us how to clean the harnesses for the Suffolk Punch horses. We tried our hand at milking cows (using fake udders) and learned how the role of women changed during World War 2, as many women stepped in to keep farms, factories and transport going.

The Air Raid Precautions Warden let us hear a real air raid siren and try on a gas mask. We huddled in the air raid shelter and sang ‘It’s a Long Way to Tipperary!” He showed us playing cards from World War 2 which featured pictures of German, Japanese and RAF planes.

In the cottage, we helped make chocolate truffles using rationed ingredients. There was even mash potato in the mixture but some of us still gave it the thumbs up!

At the village shop, we saw how to show our ration card to buy portions of food. We learned how people used their gardens and parks to grow food and kept chickens to help stretch out their rations.

We had an amazing time at Gressenhall. We were able to show how much we have learned about life on the Homefront. We also gained lots of new ideas, to add to our Working as Historians showcase!