The Giant’s Necklace Y6 – 25.05.18

Whilst the Eaton Vale trip was running, the remaining Y6 group recreated seascapes/collages based on the novel – The Giant’s Necklace, by Michael Morpurgo. They also created sea themed soundtracks on Garage Band and imagined what they would see flying over their favourite seaside destination!

A rather special character hopped into Wensum Junior School recently as part of the GoGo Hares charity art trail planned for Norfolk this summer. The trail will celebrate the Break charity 50th anniversary. We are now the proud owners of a Leveret (baby hare!) and are linking it with our Circus 250 celebrations.


The charity behind the Go-Go Hares is Break, who provides children’s homes for Looked After Children. It has six children’s homes in Norfolk and Cambridgeshire and a Fostering Service offering places for young people.


Pupils have been busy painting the leveret and carefully cutting out images of circus people to collage the leotard-wearing leveret – We couldn’t leave out a mention of Monsieur Leotard!


Global Signs of Great Yarmouth have generously provided the funds to decorate our leveret.


The leveret will be in the style of Sir Peter Blake’s Circus 250 logos. He is a famous artist who creates the most amazing collages, he has created so many images, one such famous one was Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Heartclubs Band. This album also has a track called “Being for the benefit of Mr Kite” Mr Kite was part of Pablo Fanque‘s Circus Royal.


We have yet to name our Leveret, but hopefully, we will have a circus-inspired name!


Norwich Gaming Festival

Year 6 had a great time today at The Forum when they took part in the Norwich Gaming Festival.

They experienced:

Coding an Adventure

Students brought their gaming imaginations to life with Tommy Thompson and Shaun Spaulding in a live coding experience. Seeing first-hand how changing a single number can affect how high a player can jump and how fast they can run as the class built a unique gaming adventure together.

Music for Gaming with GarageBand

Working with Laboratory Media Education, pupils captured the sounds of excitement and tension for their gaming ideas by creating short music tracks using GarageBand.

Get Gaming Gallery

LOADS of great gaming content in the Get Gaming Gallery. A set of Raspberry Pi’s and PiCEEDS were available to try. They explored retro arcade games and some brand new games fresh off the press.

Here’s the webpage to The Forum website with links to some of the programmers that were at the festival.


Passchendaele 1917 – 2017

On 30 and 31 July, the UK Government in partnership with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, the city of Ypres, the Municipality of Zonnebeke and the Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917 will mark the centenary of Passchendaele, the Third Battle of Ypres. The official commemoration begins on the eve of 30 July with a traditional Last Post Ceremony at the CWGC Menin Gate.


This short video reflects how so many young men have gone – but are not forgotten.


Please click on the link below.

Heigham Lads 1

20.06.17 Year 5 Visit Gressenhall Workhouse and Dreamy Hollow WW1 Trenches

It’s been an interesting week for Y5, they explored life in a Victorian Workhouse at Gressenhall.

Experienced lessons in a Victorian school – which they enjoyed!

Then, visited original practise trenches for WW1 at Dreamy Hollow.

The journey was long and warm, but the children behaved extremely well and enjoyed all the activities, hopefully they have taken away many great memories of the day.



19.06.17 Heigham Class are Estimating Mass

Measuring accurately is a useful life skill to develop with your child, in Heigham Class we were estimating and weighing rocks today.

Have a go at some of these activities at home!

 Show your child how you use kitchen scales to measure ingredients.

Have your child weigh themselves on bathroom scales. Weigh other family members and family pets.

Talk about how much your child weighed when they were born.

Show where the weight of goods is recorded on food packets.

Have your child help you weigh items when grocery shopping.

Play on a see-saw and talk about how to make the see-saw go up, down or balance.

14.06.17 WW1 War Artist Paul Nash – Heigham Class

As you know, Heigham class has been researching aspects of WW1. Today they captured some of the elements of the World War One artist Paul Nash in their own work.

They viewed works by Paul Nash, and photographic images of The Western Front then recorded aspects that they wished to recreate in their own work.

We did get quite grubby, as most of us selected to work in charcoal!


When war broke out Paul Nash joined up and was sent to the Western Front. He fell into a trench and broke a rib and was sent back to England. In his absence, his regiment was wiped out at the ‘Battle of Passchendaele’.

Nash returned to the trenches as a war artist, filled with a fierce sense of mission – not to avenge his fallen comrades, but to portray the futility of war.